October 2, 2017


Who would have thought that time would fly this so fast, December is fast approaching again and the time for gift-giving is indeed in the air again. Some may might be thinking already of the right gifts to give on our godchildren, parents, friends, and colleagues. Some may give you wishlist, some just opt to create the list for each persons’ gift. In this fast phasing technology in the world, it would be very considerate to give gifts that are somehow innovative and developed. For sure, these which would be surely liked by our techie friends who are included in our list. To help you better, here are 10 things you can give to your techie friends that they will surely like.

1. Bluetooth Padlock. Who are not yet using smartphones? For sure there is only a few number who doesn’t. This Bluetooth padlock will be surely helpful as this secures your lock in the house. Keys considered is on your phone, so for sure, it is already best protected.

2. Smartwatch. Watches are very useful, and it is indeed innovated as technology is improving. There are smartwatches we can give to our friends that can be connected to our phones, may it be for messaging, phone calls, or for its default use of time information.

3. Ventilated Lap Desks. This is usually helpful especially for those who work mobile and if you have a friend who does that, this is a very good gift. He can bring it where he wants, maintaining his laptop well ventilated every time he uses it.

4. Power Banks. Whoever friend will you give gift, this would be also an advisable one. Many have been using this already. This will surely be a good one as it is useful, whether he’ll be going on a travel, in the school, shopping, or even while just using the gadget at home.

5. Gesture-Based Computer Mouse. For those who are very focused on using their laptops and computer units, it will be a nice gift. It is something different, for this mouse will just simply follow the specific gestures of your hand, not just the usual right and left click, scrolling and dragging.

6. Airlock Bag Sealers. If you are planning to give a techie friend who is also a housewife, this would be a perfect one for her. She surely can use this to keep leftover foods or during keeping pre-prepared ones. This kitchen techie tool would be a very good one for her.

7. Universal Charging Station and Accessory. This item is that one which has different plug shapes that will fit into different kinds of phone. If you have a friend who almost have different gadget types, from smartphones to iPads and others, this will be very useful for him. No need for him to buy different types of plugs in charging, just give this item and problem is solved.

8. Digital Tape Measure. You may have a friend who is an engineer, or may be an architect and this digitized tape measure is a perfect match for him. No hassle on measurement taking, simply take a look on the screen of the tape measure and it automatically gives you’re the accurate measurement, no more, no less, no hassle.

9. Flexible tablet stand. Most of us who has tablets are very fond of using it while just lying in the couch or bed, or in any comfortable position we want, and it makes our arms exert much effort. To lessen that risk, this tablet stand will be a seamless gift for your friend. He can use his tablet by resting his one hand, while the other is just simply swiping the screen.

10.VR (Virtual Reality) Box. This is a personal way of watching videos and movies and for sure, having this will make your techie friend feel good and amazed. Try giving this and give him the best video watching experience.

These are 10 best things that we can give this Christmas to our friend. In this techie world, such things are really of great help. Most would get to appreciate these things whenever they receive one. But always bear in mind that the essence of Christmas does not depend on what your gift it and how much would it cost. It is, always, the thought that counts.

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