July 27, 2014

First 4 digit of Smart,Globe,Sun Cellular and other Cellphone Network in the Philippines

List of First 4 digit number of mobile phones here in the Philippines. Before scrolling down to what network is 0995,0917, etc.  or provider is 09xx, I have a little trivia.


The first hand-held cell phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973, using a handset weighing around 4.4 pounds (2 kg).In 1983, the DynaTAC 8000x was the first to be commercially available. (source: wikipedia.org)

In the late 60's, cellphones were introduced in the Philippines, made popular initially by Motorola Philippines using the first generation mobile or analog phones, but were for voice calls only. The network providers then were Pilipino Telephone Corporation(Piltel), Extelcom and Smart Communications. In the mid 70's, GSM (Groupe Sp├ęcial Mobile) was introduced by Nokia Philippines, using advanced features such as text messaging, call waiting, call forwarding, and call hold, starting a new breed of mobile users, who made text messaging the cheapest means of communicating with everyone in the country. (source: wikipilipinas.org)

Did you know that the meaning of SIM is Subscriber Identity Module.

List of Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular, red mobile and Talk N text numbers.

0813 Smart
0817 Globe
0905 Globe or Touch Mobile
0906 Globe or Touch Mobile
0907 Smart or Talk N Text
0908 Smart or Talk N Text
0909 Smart or Talk N Text
0910 Smart or Talk N Text
0912 Smart or Talk n Text
0915 Globe or Touch Mobile
0916 Globe or Touch Mobile
0917 Globe
09178 Globe postpaid
0918 Smart
0919 Smart or Talk n Text
0920 Smart, Talk N Text, Addict Mobile
0921 Smart or Talk N Text
0922 Sun Cellular
0923 Sun Cellular
0925 Sun Cellular
0926 Globe or Touch Mobile
0927 Globe or Touch Mobile
0928 Smart or Talk N Text
0929 Smart or Talk N Text
0930 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0932 Sun Cellular
0933 Sun Cellular
0934 Sun Cellular
0935 Globe or Touch Mobile
0936 Globe or Touch Mobile
0937 Globe or Touch Mobile
0938 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0939 Smart, Talk N Text, Red Mobile
0942 Sun Cellular
0943 Sun Cellular
0946 Talk N Text
0947 Smart
0948 Smart or Talk N Text
0949 Smart or Talk N Text
0956 Globe
0973 Extelcom
0974 Extelcom
0975 Globe
0977 Next Mobile
0978 Next Mobile
0979 Next Mobile
0989 Smart or Talk N Text
0994 Globe
0996 Globe or Touch Mobile
0997 Globe or Touch Mobile
0998 Smart
0999 Smart

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