November 10, 2016

How to fix ink not flowing in EPSON L120 Printer

Epson L120 price is very cheap but it is a quality printer with ink tank system. And the ink refill per bottle is also cheap compared to the per cartridge price. Oh! you have now this kind of printer and you have a problem.

Now we're going to solve the problem where the ink is not flowing on the cartridge from the ink tank and nozzle check. You can see the indication that ink is not flowing when you see the ink tank is full but the printout is blurred or no printout.

You can do below procedure whatever OS you have even your have windows 10, windows 8.1 and MacOS. And even your printer is not plug-in to your computer.

Fix clogged or blocked ink from ink tank to cartridge in Epson L120

  1. Power On your printer
  2. Press the cancel button for 7 Seconds until the led light is blinking. The printer will start flushing ink from container to your cartridge. The process is complete when the led light stops blinking.
  3. Now we perform nozzle check to see if the ink pass through is successful. Power OFF the printer. Then put a paper in the tray we will print the printed pattern.
  4. Hold Press the cancel button then Press the power button, If the printer turns On release both buttons. The pattern  will now print.
If the printed pattern looks like the image below(a well-printed pattern) your printer is now okay. If not repeat STEPS 1 TO 4 until pattern corrected.
Good printed pattern

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