September 25, 2017

How to transfer office 365 license to new computer legally.

People choose office 365 because of its outstanding online features. This office 365 act like your regular Microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint that you can install on your desktop but the good is, it is connected to a cloud which you can do your work even without internet and when you have internet it will automatically sync your work.

You can buy 365 licenses - you may choose personal subscription which you can install office 365 on one Computer or Office 365 home subscription which you can install up to 5 computers. If you bought Personal License and you need change to a new computer and want office 365 license to transfer to your new computer. You may follow the below instructions.

STEP 1 - Deactivate your Office 365 on your current computer. Before you can transfer your license to a new PC you need first to deactivate your license on your old computer. This deactivation process is through office 365 website so you can do this with your new computer.
  1. Go to and login using your email you’ve used to register to Office 365.
  2. Once your logged-in, In the Install section, Click install to open install page.
  3. In the install page, you can see the list of a computer with office 365 license activated.
  4. Select the computer you want to deactivate. Then click deactivate.

STEP 2 - Install and Activate license to new computer.
  1. On the computer, you want to transfer office 365 license. Open the then login using your Microsoft office 365 credentials. 
  2. Then click your user account photos to navigate to My account. 
  3. Click install to download Office 365 installer. Once the download is finished it will automatically install your new copy of office 365 on your new computer. If not install automatically Run the file you downloaded to install it manually. 
Goodluck! And enjoy.

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