April 22, 2017

How to connect LG Supersign TV to Server via LAN.

Our company bought 6pcs LG Supersign Tv. At first, we use USB and set to autoplay to play our Ads and Announcements in 6 TVs. It is working good, but it is time-consuming and tedious to go to each TV Just to power-on and off every morning and evening. Because the ads must run from 7 AM to 9 PM.

I've decided to connect all TVs to a network so I can schedule when the ads start and end. And I can distribute the content from the PC server. All my Supersign TV and PC server are connected to a switch.

LAN Connection

You can choose the LAN connection when the SuperSign Manager and SuperSign Player are in
the same network.

  • The same network means the same gateway and subnet address for IP communications.
  • The SuperSign Manager can find the SuperSign Players in the same network using the scan feature.
  •  For 1:1 connections, use a crossover cable that allows communications without network equipment.
  • Features such as the Web, widgets, and RSS are not available in closed networks without an external connection to the Internet.
  • If the network does not have a DHCP server, you should manually set the IP addresses of the SuperSign Manager and the SuperSign Player.

LG Supersign LAN Connection
On your PC Server/Manager.

  1. Put a static IP Address on your PC Server. In my case, I enter IP Address for my PC server.
  2. install supersign server.
  3. If your server has a firewall you must open or allow the following ports:
    • 8080: Server Open
    • 5432: PostgreSQL DB
    • 6950: Search for a Player
    • 9: WOL(WakeOnLan)

On your SuperSign TV

Please see the below video for configuration.

Thanks to this video who figure it out.