December 19, 2022

A Easy way to fight spam on emails.

 Spam is a big problem. It wastes your time, costs you money, and can even put your security at risk. That's why we're here to help!

  1. Mark as spam the emails you have no interest in reading (or at least mark them as "not interested" in the email settings).

  2. Delete without opening or responding to any of them (if you're comfortable doing so.).

  3. Report the sender. If the message does have obvious attachment of link that are suspicious o malicious - like if someone claims to be from your company but isn't using the company logo report it to your email administrator.

The bottom line is be cautious to the email you received. Spammers are always updated on how to look their email messages as legit to prevent anti-spam apps to caught their messages. So as the reader be vigilant.

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