September 1, 2018

The shifting

I started this blog fours years ago, as my note to self with regards to my experience as an I.T. Most of the content of this blog are related to Information Technology, fixing tech problem etc. Now it will change, I will now focus on my journey to investing.

Shifting to the investment journey.

Even though I work as an I.T. I see my self so passionate about investing/trading stocks. I'm focusing now on articles related to investing, especially in the Philippine Market.

How I started in stock market.

Back in 2013, a tv show aired about investing in gmanews tv called pesos and sense with Aya Laraya. That shows introduce me to the stock market. Amazed me when they guest Bro. Bo sanchez when he brags about her maid made millionaireby investing in stock market.

I promise my self that if that maid made millions in the stock market I can make it too. And so I opened account in COL Financial so I can start investing in stock market. After I opened an account I funded it with 5,000 pesos, from that initial amount I add 2,000 every month or if I have an extra money I deposit it until it grows to 100,000.

My dream was to become full time in trading. So I can have freedom, I can work anywhere while traveling. I don't have a boss, No deadline to meet.

Follow me on this journey. Let's learn together.


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