November 6, 2017


More people are very into business nowadays. Aside from the convenience of time, it is for sure to have a good return of investment especially if it is handled well and run as how it should be. Some may be employed but still find the time and chance to get into business. Many may want to try this and here is the simple list of different business ideas that you can have in our country considering having only a small capital.

15 business ideas with small capital

1. Start and Online Business. In this current world where technology changes very fast, more are into using the internet, even in business. With just a good internet connection, you can right away start your own online business. Whatever product or service you prefer, you can be sure that it will get noticed is the social media.

2. Have a small sari-sari store business. You would have a small capital on this and eventually get it back fast as many people are still sticking into buying to stores like this. One thing that one has to consider is the location to where this will be placed. Make sure to have it set on an area where many can access and buy.

3. Cellphone loading business. In a small amount of money, you can have this business that is already for all networks. Nowadays, who would not have a cellphone that has been a necessity already. Of course, not just a phone but can be used for text and calls. Having this business will surely click. Start it on your office if no one has this business or maybe while you are staying at home.

4. Build a buy and sell business. This business is commonly found also on online business. You can easily find a supplier of items like shoes, dresses, phones, and bags who offer small price for bulk orders. From that capital, you can sell the items and add up enough price for you to get easily your capital.

5. Virtual assistant business. With simply having a computer and internet connection, you can start up this business right away. You can have some customers who needs a typing job get done, other Microsoft office works, graphics designs and other.

6. Article writing. If you have a talent on writing in whatever language you prefer, you can also get into this business. With your good net connections and computer, start this right and have customers who will get you to write for them in whatever topic they want. This way, you are able to enhance your talent and writing and get paid easily.

7. Sewing business. Nowadays, there are still many people who are into sewing dress that will perfectly fit their body. With just a simple sewing machine, stuffs for it and learning on how to do sewing, you can easily have this business. Have some different styles of dresses if you wish to sew one, you curtains, mantles and other stuffs.

8. Car Wash. As we all know, more and more are into buying cars and still, coupled with it is the service for car wash. Starting this up, make sure to have a good location. Just prepare cleaning materials necessary for cars and get ready for the water bill. Despite of this, you will still get your capital right away.

9. Musician. Do you love music? Are you passionate about it? Push it more for you will earn through this. You can be on instrument playing on different gigs, or be into song writing.

10.Event Organizing business. In this era, more people are into having their special occasions be organized well, like weddings, parties and the likes. You just need to meet reliable suppliers for events like caters, flowers, photography and video and many more. Be very detailed and alert on this. You can take some trainings for this that will help you how to start this.

11.Travel agency business. This may sound too costly but it is not. With a small capital, you can be able to start this business, especially now that we are in the age where people tend to travel often, local or international. You just need to learn the rules and things necessary in putting this up.

12.Become a financial advisor. As you can notice, more and more insurance companies are booming for this is really needed by many people. More are also becoming conscious on their finances that they want to secure their future. Being a financial advisor will be a good one for you, this can be full time or just a side-line. But with just your talent to speak and convince people, you can earn more and more.

13.T-shirt design business. Usually, there is a small machine that is necessary to have this business and it is just on a very cheap price. With the unique and good designs that you can provide, having this business is sure to boom especially to most people who are into personalized items.

14.Blogging. This is so common nowadays but is very famous to many. With blogging, you can release whatever is on your mind and be subscribed by many people. With a good concept and topics on your blogs, you are sure to get noticed in the social media.

15.Photography business. As simple as having a good camera coupled with your talent in taking photos, you can start this business right away. Start on simple occasions as you continue to boom and improve your business.

Having a business does not depend on how big your capital may be. It always depends on how well and how passionate are you on starting one, on what you want to do, what you love to do and earn money as well continually.

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