September 11, 2017


With the fast track of technology that is already in, we’ve got now the all new Microsoft 365 that has brought us most of the used and beneficial features. Are you one of that workforce whose communication is very important within your group? Are you that type who creates more and more reports each day for data analysis? Are you part of the group whose email floods daily and is required to answer it all? Well, if you are one of them, this Microsoft 365 will be a very good catch for you. Before you buy Microsoft 365 license key just sit back and let’s check it out.
microsoft office 365

1. Incorporate file links on your main file to avoid too many attachments. We’ve been used of attaching all the files on an email thread and got locked up of sending it for so long due to its high file byte size. But worry no more for because now, you can easily copy the link to the storage of your files on the main file, and send the single file on email, carrying over all the other files thru the link you pasted. Easy, right? Have this checked and no need of attaching so many documents.

2. Have your document be converted to PDF file easily. Yes, we can make it in just a little time. While viewing your document, select print and choose ‘Cutepdf Writer’ or simple save as PDF file. In an instant, you have your uneditable file pdf format. Sounds good then.

3. Saving reading history on Word file. This new feature of Microsoft 365 makes you open again the latest files you have opened, even you have already closed it. It records the history of the documents you have recently opened and worked. Simply select the file name of the preferred file you want to re-open, and that’s it. No need of going back into the folders when you have saved these.

4. Have a large storage of email. This new version gives you a 50GB storage for all your emails, including your events, meetings and other activities on your email. It is under Exchange Online, and you can also save more additional space (if you think this still lacks for you) thru OneDrive cloud where you can save other files, even related to your emails.

5. Sharing files and co-authoring with its changes. You might be working with your colleagues with a file and all of you have your own inputs for it. You can create your changes, have it saved in the common folder, and have it edited also with a colleague, and let him know the changes you made and details of your revision. It’s located on the information task bar located on the right side of your file upon opening. Try to check it and practice this for easier file tracing.

6. Have a chat with your colleagues. Brought by Microsoft 365 is the Skype in-app integration in Office 2016 applications. You can simply share your screen with the others, have chats, work on a meeting without closing what you have been working the whole time. All you should do is connect, share your screen and insights, and communication is a lot better.

7. An amazing inbox that can organize your emails. Floods of email are unavoidable, and to polish it, Microsoft outlook 365 has its feature for automatic organizing of your emails. It can be filtered, or be kept in folders for easy filing and reading.

8. Lastly, Work wherever you are. Yes, you read it right. You can make use of your files, read and reply to emails. Simply get the Office Web Apps with your subscription of Office 365 which gives you permission to work on your files that are saved in cloud storage. No need of installing the Office software on your computer. With this, you can open your Word files, Excel and Powerpoint files and work on it instantly. Just go to Microsoft Office 365 login.

These are just some of the best features that Microsoft 365 can offer you. You might be wondering how come can these features be. So I suggest, check them now and see it for yourself. Check Microsoft office 365 download and bought your own product key license. Happy working to all of us!

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