September 18, 2017

Internet? Globe VS Smart.

Smart and Globe have the top 2 competing brands in the line of telecommunications and internet connection in the Philippines. The two has been in a very close and firm competition, having almost similar offers, promos, packages and items being offered when it comes to communication (calls and texts) and for the internet provision in our homes or in mobile. For the past years, each has continuously improved their offers with the unlimited internet, unlimited consumption for the data on the internet, but that just makes them different might be on the slight differences in their prices, internet speed, and services when it comes to customer care and inquiries.

1. Obviously, Smart offers a much cheaper price for internet connection. There has been a promo plan for this line with a 15GB for a pocket wifi for a price of Php 999 only. Quite a very good catch promo especially to those who have been very fond of being in the social media most of the time, or in browsing the internet and watching videos a lot. A price of Php 999 is very minimal to be offered under Globe, maybe it can guarantee an internet connection for about 15-20 days, but this would be very inflexible when it comes to the speed and amount of data available.

2. As per different reviews, Globe internet connections are better for those with LAN. As for the wireless connections, Smart is a lot better. Usually, those homes with Globe lines are reliable, though recently, it has been one of the problems of Globe, still, it is far way better than the other. For the wireless, Smartbro pocket wifis are very useful. Just update the gadget for a faster speed, this will surely satisfy you with your internet and is still mobile for you can have it with you anywhere, either you are staying at home or go to a mall. Of course, locations also do matter with this connections and speed. This is still a factor and one thing that should be considered.

3. For services, it is still quite better for Smart than Globe. For several times, I have experienced and heard claims and negative comments for Globe and this has been a personal experience as well. There were cases that the user has already called service centers of Globe for several times and yet they are still left hanging with no action from the provider. As per one of my colleagues, she was entertained in the phone conversation, but after that, he has never heard any feedback from the team. His problem was mainly in the loss of internet connection, quite a big problem yet was not being paid attention. (This is no offense to those who are loyal customers of Globe but just to implicate the point as per personal experience.)

4. Way better than any connection, Globe is being used internationally. There are also offers from Smart for the overseas communication, but considering the length of time, Globe has been doing this already for years. They have already made this possible longer than Smart does. This can also be a higher and bigger factor, considering the internet connection that they can provide also overseas in the near future.

In this fast changing and improving world, having an internet connection is starting to become a necessity for our daily life. That is why we can still see different offers from our providers that are helpful, reliable, convenient and affordable. Whatever the best choice may be, other factors that may affect also is the gadgets we have, our location, and on how we use and consume our resources. These things shall always be considered.

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