July 31, 2017

How to Start outlook in safe mode on Windows 10

Starting outlook in safe-mode is very useful when you're having trouble in outlook. Safe mode in outlook is used to fix trouble especially if your outlook is hanging up when you open it in normal mode.

If you open your outlook in normal mode it will automatically perform send/received, and so if your
pst file is corrupted, your outlook will hang up. This comes up the safe mode.

Whats with safe mode in outlook?

  • It will open outlook without loading add-ins and customizations.
  • It will open without performing send/received at startup.
  • It will open without extensions and reading pane.

METHOD 1: Using Run

1. In your windows search box type: run then enter to open the run

2. In run Type: outlook.exe / safe then enter.

METHOD 2: Using CTRL and Click

  • Hold the CTRL key then click the Outlook icon then Outlook will ask you if you want to open in safe mode click Yes.

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