July 24, 2016

How to subscribe to pag-ibig billing statement through email.

Philippine government now beginning to advance, like Pag-ibig fund they are now promoting the paper less housing loan billing statement. If you want to receive billing in your email regularly in monthly basis. You can subscribe to their billing statement email facility so you don't need to wait for delivery man for your billing to be delivered in your house. Which is most of the time the billing came after the due date. And the bayad center will not accept payment after the due date. To be updated to your housing loan amortization best to do is to subscribe to the pag-ibig billing by means of email.

Steps by Steps to receive your pag-ibig housing monthly billing via email.

1. Go to https://www.pagibigfundservices.com/
2. In housing section click Housing Loan Payment verification.
3. Enter your Housing loan Account No, Last Name, First Name and the code shown. Then click Proceed

4. Click Billing Statement Email facility, then Select Check here to update email address for monthly billing statement.

5.Then enter your email address and confirm it on other box. then click Update Email Address.

You can now receive pag-ibig housing loan billing statement consistently in a month to month premise.

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