July 4, 2016

How to register Unlisurf or SurfMax in Smart

Smart has a new unlimited internet promo the SurfMax and SurfMax plus which you can enjoy unli surfing on your phone 4G network in which give you faster connection if your phone is 4G capable. You can also register for this promo even your phone is only 3G.

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This is promo is a replacement of an old unlisurf promotions of smart communications. You can select different amount from 50,299 and 999 it depends on your budget and number of days you want.

1 day validity Surfing
Just text SURFMAX50 to 9999
Amount: P50
Validity: 24 hours

2 days validity Surfing
Just text SURFMAX85 to 9999
Amount: P85
Validity: 2 days

5 days validity Surfing
Just text SURFMAX200 to 9999
Amount: P200
Validity: 5 days

7 days or 1-week validity Surfing
Just text SURFMAX250 to 9999
Amount: P250
Validity: 7 days

15 days validity Surfing
Just text SURFMAX500 to 9999
Amount: P500
Validity: 15 days

30 days or 1-month validity Surfing
Just text SURFMAX995 to 9999
Amount: P995
Validity: 30 days

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