February 24, 2016

Easy way to get rid of corrupted PST Files on outlook.

Corrupted PST files are the most error I've encountered in outlook. Many apps in the market offer a PST repair tools some are paid some are free. Microsoft outlook itself has a built-in repair tool. But in my experience, most of this apps cannot fix all outlook error.

What causes the corrupted PST files?

  • Exiting outlook apps while still on send/receive - Do not exit your outlook when the send or receive process is ongoing.
  • Improper shutdown of your computer
  • hard disk error
  • Too large attachment files

What I really do to solve corrupted PST Files is to create new Data files and import all messages from old corrupted PST to newly created. By doing this you have a fresh PST files and you don't need to download any repair tools.

To create new PST (Personal folder) file.

Open your outlook, Go to Tools > Account settings > Data files TAB click ADD
After you create select your new data files then click set it as default

To import your old messages to new PST files.

On Outlook , Go to File > import and export > import from another file or program > personal folder file(pst) > then select the pst source and destination .

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