January 27, 2016

How to factory reset MyPhone RIO LITE.

Is your phone hanging-up maybe hard reset/factory reset is the solution for your problem.

Step by step with pictures on how to factory reset your phone.

1. If your phone is ON, turn it OFF.
2. Press and hold Volume UP + Volume Down + Power Button until you see the two choices.(recovery and factory mode)

3. Press Volume UP to select recovery mode.

4. When you see the image below(android with red triangle) Press the power button.

5. Use Volume Up and Volume down button to scroll through the options.
6. Select wipe data/factory reset by tapping the Menu.

7. Then select Yes - - delete all user data. The phone will now reset.

8. Then select reboot system now.

Once rebooted see if it fix your problem. If not maybe you need to give up your phone or go for warranty.

I never tried it to other RIO series but I believe it same procedure.

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