October 9, 2014

How to setup HP Officejet 7110 Wireless Direct

An HP officejet 7110 or other related HP printer with Wireless Direct capability can print from your Android,PC,Mac-OS and IPAD without connecting a cable or Wifi Hotspot. HP wireless direct printing in now getting popular and necessary for the portability of our devices. We will show you how's it configured.


The Wireless Direct setting of this printer is off by default so we're going to turn this ON.

1. Connect your printer to your computer using LAN Cable.
2. In your computer go to Control panel>Network Connection
3. In your network adapter Properties. Select Obtain IP address automatically.
4. In your printer put a bond paper at least three copies. were going to print the network configuration of your printer.
5. In your printer push the network configuration button.(see the image below)

6. In your printed configuration setting. Find the  IP Address of your printer

7. Then type it on your web browser(google chrome,firefox,IE,etc)

8. You can now access your printer configuration and you can turn-on the wireless direct capability, change the SSID and Password of your printer.

9. After you turn-on, the wireless direct unplug the LAN cable.

Connecting your Computer to Wireless direct printer.
make sure the WiFi of your printer is on.(Blinking blue) if not press the WiFi button.

1. Install the driver for your printer.
2. Connect your printer is just like connecting a WiFi.
3. Then in your (Control Panel> Printer & Devices) Click add printer and select the printer you previously connected via WiFi. Then try to print a test page.

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