July 5, 2014

How to: 5 ways to Protect your wifi from Hackers.

May be your wondering why your wifi connection are so slow despite of a highspeed ISP connection. Look in your wifi setting maybe somebody connected without your permission.

Hackers want to gain access to your wifi to steal important information such as financial info. Or just want to have free internet access.

5 Tips to Secure your Wifi

Tip# 1 Do not use WEP encryption - This encryption is easy to hack atleast 5 minutes using the right tools.

Tip# 2 Use WPA/WPA2 encryption - Provide higher encryption take more time for hackers to decrypt your password.

Tip# 3 Use strong SSID and Password - We considered your password strong if it is hard to remember, a combination of number-letters-character-capslock, use password not in any dictionary or word dot not exist.

Tip# 4 Turn-off WPS-Pin - Your strong password and SSID is useless when WPS-pin is turned on because it can attack using pin bruteforcing.

Tip# 5 Turn-On Firewall - Your router has a built in firewall turning this on lessing internet attacks. If possible filter the Mac address of a device you allowed to connect to your wifi.

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