June 1, 2014

Guidelines for request for labelling cargo at Custom Public Bonded Warehouse.

You cannot release your cargo at custom if cargo arrived without label or wrong label, so you are required to label your cargo upon release.

 1. Submit letter request of Importer/Customs Broker/Forwarder to the Chief, Customs Bonded Warehouse Division(CBWD) thru Customs Bonded Warehouse Supervisor, Public Bonded Warehouse with original letter head of the company, address and contact number Letter signed by Manager of the company and addressed to:
Chief, Custom Bonded Warehouse Division

Thru: Custom Bonded Warehouse Supervisor
CBW No. _________________

2. State the reason(s) in the letter request and attached the following
a.) Picture/s of label/sticker taken on box/package/crate (consignee's name, destination, marks weight, address, etc.)

b.) email communication from shipper stating the reason/s

  • For cross-label, No HAWB Number label; Wrong label
3. The actual labeling shall be made or acted upon only at the warehouse with prior approval from Chief, CBWD and Customs Bonded Warehouse Supervisor.

4. The Following authorized representative of the offices concerned shall witness the actual labeling on the box/packages/crate of the cargo.
a.) Public Bonded Warehouse Operator
b.) Airline
c.) Forwarder

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