April 12, 2014

Custom Pasay Tramo Post Office not issuing receipt?

Claiming Package at  Philippine POST OFFICE give me a headache, and a lot of question about government procedure and laws about this matter.

Its been  month ago when I bought a product online. The seller send my product via parcel addressed to Post office Pasay Tramo.

When I'm going to claim my parcel, I waited for almost 1 hour because I arrived in POST office at around 12:12 noon.(as if I know Philippine government offices now is no noon time break, correct me if I'm wrong)

When the custom office resume at 1 o'clock three people are also claiming for their packages. I noticed that all that 3 person is a regular customer at custom because they know each other. And the custom officers are not issuing any receipt for the packages of that 3 person. He even not open the packages for examination which is necessary. But those person give money to the officers I don't know if whats that for.

Then when my turn, He opened my package read the invoice and compute my duties and taxes to be paid. The total of my duties and taxes is almost Php1,500 he charged 15% tariff. He asked me if he going to issue a receipt? I answered yes! ( parang ayaw nyang resibohan ang tagal bago magsulat ng resibo). Why if the officers not issue 

What I'm going to point out is How Bureau of Custom and Department of finance inventories parcel packages entering in the Philippines thru post offices. Post offices may be a good collection agency for duties and taxes if it is properly monitored.

Thanks to Rina-alcantara blog

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