March 30, 2014

List of Prohibited Import Products in the Philippines.

There are 3 Classification of Import products in the Philippines the freely importable, prohibited, and regulated.
  1. Freely Importable - These are commodities, which importation is neither regulated nor prohibited. The importation may be effected without prior approval of or clearance from any government agency.
  2. Regulated - These are commodities which importation requires clearances/permits from appropriate government gencies including the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).
  3. Prohibited or Banned - These are commodities which importation is not allowed under the existing laws.
Two types of Prohibited Products.

A. Absolutely Prohibited 
  • Dynamite gunpowder, ammunitions and other explosives, firearms and weapons of war, and parts thereof;
  • Written or printed articles in any form containing any matter advocating or inciting treason, or rebellion, insurrection, sedition or subversion against the government of the Philippines, or containing any threat to take the life of, or inflict bodily harm upon any person in the Philippines.
  • Written or printed articles, negatives or cinematographic film, photographs, engravings, lithographs, objects, paintings, drawing or other representations of an obscene or immoral character.
  • Articles, instruments, drugs and substances designed, intended or adapted for producing unlawful abortion, or any printed matter which advertises or describes or gives directly or indirectly information where, how and by whom unlawful abortion is produced.
  • Used Clothing and Rags (RA 4653) 
  • Toy Guns( LOI 1264) 
  • Right-Hand Drive Vehicles (RA 8506) 
  • Laundry and Industrial Detergents containing hard surfactants.(RA 8970) 
  • all products listed in Section 101 of the tariff and custom code of the philippines.

  • B. Conditionally Prohibited

  • Ammunitions, firearms 
  • Cinematographic films, photographs, paintings, drawings or other representation of any obscene/immoral character 
  • Heroin or other synthetic drugs 

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