February 25, 2014

Indian Prophet Sadhu Prophecy to the Philippines

Indian Prophet Sadhu Prophecy to the Philippines IS NOW HAPPENING.
The flesh Eating disease that will start in pangasinan is become reality.

Prophet Sadhu

This is the full word of Prophet sadhu last aprill 11, 2013 at Cuneta astrodome, Manila Philippines

"The typhoons and the hurricanes and the sea waves are waiting to come and crush the land. There is a place called mindanao and below that strait is a place called compostela. The lord said that there is an appointed typhoon to come upon that area. It will surround a place called tagum. Then the foundations will be shaken, many people will die. It will be a big lesson and a fear to the rest of the world. A huge number of people will be scattered. You may have to depend on the nations of the world to help you. "

The lord has kept in reserve for a mighty typhoon to rise up again 6 lands. God anger will come upon the islands of Samar and Leyte. A huge typhoon is planned to come over there. There will be disasters through flood. The lord showed me a place called PALAWAN, a great flood and a great typhoon will come upon Palawan. Many people will die there. There are hundreds of places waiting to be flooded in the Philippines. There are the smell of waters in many places in your land. The lord says death is coming by waters. A great grievous death is coming to Palawan. Grievous death is going to come to mindanao. The Lord is going to pour His Bowl of wrath upon these places. There is a smell of waters in many places in your land. Many people will be drowned. Maybe you have faced many times such dangers, but these coming dangers will be great in the eyes of the world.

Hundreds and thousands of people will be scattered. Many houses will be ravaged. Many people will be refugees in their own land. A very pitiful state will come upon you when you will have to depend on other people to help you. Children will die of hnger, of pain and of waters. Many children bodies will be thrown in the streets. Many areas will become muddy and swampy. Many great dangers will surround your nation. The lord says your rivers will come upon the land. The lord says there is a place called Pangasinan. The lord says it is in the northernmost part in your land. From there a grievous disease will spread all over the world. That will consume the flesh of men, all their upper skin will begin to decay. It will pierce through the bones. The fear of this disease will spread all over the world. The lord said that this disease will begin from the philippines. This will then spread to CEBU. Another new disease will spring forth from Cebu.

The lord said another disease will come from Bohol. It will be a challenge to your nation. This disease will spread very wildly so that every people will fear. It will spread all over the land, and then it will spread into many nations of the world. When this disease strikes a man, it will cause the man's body to turn black. Many old peoples bodies will burst. Their bodies will decay and rot. People will be afraid to bury such people. The lord said that such plagues will come to surround your land. Theres going to come mighty floods in Luzon and Cebu. It will come as a result of the winds and the waters. All these dangers will come that history has never seen before. All your irrigatable lands will be destroyed. At that time you'll stretch forth your begging hands for food from other nations. Your children are going to die of famine and hunger.

70 islands of your nation are waiting to disappear under water. The waters will rise up against them. The shouts and the cries of the people will be terrible. The waters around the Coastal Cities will pass the coastal cities and enter into the land. Many people will lose their property, many people will fade away in sunlight and land.

Earthquakes will come in your land. Volcanoes wil erpupt in many places. There will be cries and troubles in the land. These are all the grievous dangers that God has against your land. Your young people will become captive. The hunters and the captors will increase in your land. Wicked people will walk on the streets in your land. They will kill many people in broad daylight and throw their bodies in the streets. There will even come a dangerous time when people will kill each other for food the lord says many buildings will catch fire. God will set many buildings with fire and shakenings. God will case dangers to come through lightnings and thunders. But even God says that."


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